Fingers on the Pulse

From the beginning to the end, we’re there to help you from the valleys of struggles to the heights of your greatest achievements.

Focused on our students

At Five Hands Studio, we make it our mission to help students enjoy playing music for the rest of their lives. We help when there are challenges, and actually look forward to these teachable moments. No two students think alike, so we seek to understand how they individually learn. As we are now in the age of online music lessons, it’s even more important for us to keep close to our families and students.  Perhaps physical distancing is necessary, but not social distancing!

We are not the right studio for everyone.. but for some families we are the perfect fit!

What Makes Five Hands Studio Unique?

Our focus is to align teachers, parents, and students about their goals, and how to practice. This is essential to a student’s progress – perhaps more so than their innate talent.

The Parent Student Teacher Triangle

Students Need Structure, Reinforcement, and Support

Students need structure from their teachers in order for learning music to be fun and rewarding. Parents must also reinforce efficient practice habits at home. This is the only way that we can guarantee that studying music will be enjoyable!

Keeping Students, Teachers, and Parents “on the same page” 

Our focus is to keep teachers, parents, and students aligned in their agreed-upon goals, and to reinforce students’ efficient practice habits.  This is essential to a student’s progress – perhaps more so than their innate talent.

The Value of Parent Involvement

We are not the studio for everyone. But if you are a parent who likes being involved in your children’s development, we are a good fit for you. Our families understand the value of being involved in their children’s practice habits at home. This is the right school for those who appreciate having support when it’s needed. We will help you motivate your children and guide the efficiency of their practice habits. It doesn’t matter whether you have a musical background or not. We will show you how. This is where the difference is made!

Our Philosophy


Five Hands Studio is different from other music schools!  We understand that all students think of learning music as a fun idea – at first. Yet after the initial excitement, they will soon discover that music lessons are much like homework!  This is where the real learning begins….and where parents and their children need extra support. We specialize in providing it just when it is needed. Students will only have fun if they get answers when they get “stuck”! There must be good communication between parents, teachers, and students. We facilitate that at Five Hands Studio – even with our online lessons.


What makes us unique?

Establishing Goals


     ‣       We emphasize the value of goal-setting. We encourage students to see measurable success in their performance, resulting from their daily practice habits. Teachers show them how to “divide and conquer” their problems. We focus on the life skills which help them succeed in music.


Efficiency and Curriculum

     ‣       Efficient practice habits and structured curriculum ensure rapid fluency with the musical language. We educate families about this, so students can learn rapidly. That’s where the fun comes in! 

Classically-based Curriculum with Other Genres to Explore

     ‣       Our music school offers a full classical curriculum. But we also teach pop, blues, and jazz. Most importantly, we support families throughout the hills and valleys of a student’s musical journey.

Performance Opportunities

     ‣       We are committed to helping music students become familiar with their new “language”.  Our music school offers numerous performing opportunities and educates parents about what to observe in their children’s practice at home. We have videos and personal online sessions to facilitate this.


     ‣       For more information about our curriculum:  Frequently Asked Questions and What is a Balanced Curriculum?