“I am most thankful to you for the teaching you provide that goes beyond the keyboard. My boy has learned a lot about setting goals and then working towards them. Participating in Guild and Achievement in Music helped in that regard. I also think he has gained self-confidence through this piano experience, and that is so important in everything he will do in life. Thank you so much for everything you have done.”
Bernie Litton - Sauganash
“You get what you pay for - and I found that out the hard way. My daughter had been taking piano lessons at Five Hands for 2 years when my son decided to take guitar lessons. For financial reasons, we went elsewhere for less expensive lessons. Big mistake. Within 6 months, I asked Five Hands to take us back. My daughter was SO happy to be back! The quality of the instruction, the kid-friendly, individualized approach, the assistance offered to parents all add up to real value. I am a teacher myself and applaud Five Hands Studio for an approach that actually motivates kids to practice. We are here to stay!”
Jennifer B. Rousseau, WHNP - Skokie
Assistant Professor Rush University College of Nursing
“I believe you’ve been telling my daughter “how to practice” for quite some time. As you know, it is very hard to get any information out of a child after lessons. It was a very informative and useful opportunity to sit down with you and get a complete overview of how to practice. Parents should be very strongly encouraged to attend. I ONLY WISH YOU WOULD HAVE HAD THIS SEMINAR MUCH SOONER!”
Pamela Maigler - Park Ridge
“I’ve been a lifelong performing musician and every time I saw the invite to the Parent’s Seminar, I thought, ‘Well, I should probably go to that, but I don’t really have time and what am I gonna learn about practicing that I don’t know already?’ Turns out, A LOT! If I’d have known about the practical and timely information I was going to get, I would have been there during the first week of my kids’ lessons! The information you presented speaks exactly to the issues we were having, and gave me such great strategies to make our practice time more productive, and more importantly, LESS dramatic! My kids are willing to practice now and get SO much more out of it; even their teacher has commented that they are doing so well! EVERY parent should make it a point to attend the Parent’s Seminar when their children start with Five Hands. It will make life so much easier!”
Kathy Fern - Chicago
Mother and Bandleader
“Jack (7) practiced your way and he really got it, had fun and mastered the section. The next day he insisted on playing the piece through from beginning to end, but it was quite sloppy and he was frustrated. I suggested that he try just the bit we had worked on the day before and it was beautiful, which really impressed him. Claire (my 10-year-old) today insisted that I 'play the games' I had played with Jack during his practice, because she felt left out. We did it on one of her new pieces and she quickly saw how well it worked. Thanks again!"
Marny Turvill, M.D - Skokie
Mother and Pediatrician