Cultivate Initiative and Discipline (to your advantage)

Cultivate Initiative and Discipline (to your advantage)

Cultivate Initiative and Discipline

In this edition of our newsletter, we delve into the profound concepts of initiative and discipline in music education. These principles are not only vital for students, but for all of us!

My Journey: A Thirst for Knowledge

Let me begin with a personal story. I vividly remember receiving a few school report cards that highlighted a need for “initiative.” Perplexed, I asked my teacher, “What exactly is initiative?” Her response, “Initiative is the ability to know what to do, even if you haven’t been told,” left me feeling somewhat intimidated. It seemed like an elusive concept designed to make me feel inadequate. However, through my own journey, particularly in my pursuit of music, I uncovered a deeper understanding of initiative.

I realized that my passion for unraveling the mysteries of music ignited a thirst for knowledge within me. This drive became the catalyst for my personal growth. Rather than simply knowing what to do, initiative, I discovered, was about seizing every opportunity to learn and evolve. It wasn’t merely about instinctively understanding the next step; it was about actively engaging in the process of learning and self-improvement.

Initiative: Grasping Wisdom

Subsequently, I came to understand initiative as the “selfishly-wise” pursuit of knowledge. It involves taking ownership of one’s learning journey, actively seeking guidance, and embracing opportunities for growth. For parents of music students, your role is pivotal. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, delve into the specifics of home practice, and actively participate in your child’s musical endeavors. By fostering initiative, we empower our students to become the architects of their own musical destiny.

Efficiency in Practice: Short, Frequent Intervals

Short, but frequent intervals of practice emerge as the most efficient pathway to mastery. Gone are the days of marathon practice sessions. Instead, embrace the power of consistency. Encourage your child to dedicate brief yet focused periods to their instrument daily. It’s not just about the quantity of practice but the quality of engagement. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, but diligent effort yields remarkable results over time.

The Power of Discipline: A Daily Ritual

Discipline is the bedrock upon which musical mastery is built. Cultivate a disciplined mindset by integrating music into your daily routine. Make it a habit to glance at sheet music before bedtime and greet it first thing in the morning. By embedding music into the fabric of your day, you maximize the internalization (digestion) of your knowledge. Become a disciple of what is best for you!

In closing, let’s embrace the transformative power of initiative and discipline in our musical endeavors. Together, let’s nurture a community where curiosity thrives, and dedication knows no bounds. Until next time, keep harmonizing and pursuing your musical passions with unwavering resolve.

Warm regards,

Rick Cinquemani

Five Hands Studio