In Person or Online Music Lessons

Below you’ll see some of the ways we keep our fingers on the pulse of our music students to ensure they develop well.  We focus good communication with parents, teachers, and students about how everything is going. This allows us to know what adjustments need to be made in order to keep a student “in balance” with their music education. Five Hands Studio uses teachable moments of frustration to show students how to “divide and conquer”. Large problems are broken down into smaller components, and practice becomes easy once again.  Now we feature these same strengths – whether in person or on screens.  Our music lessons for kids feature our personal approach.  We believe it’s essential to encourage communication between students, teachers, and parents! 

Get the Most out of Your Lessons

Individual Learning

These music lessons are one to one with a degreed teacher. They are supplemented with four group lesson checkpoints each year. This is how we check student progress and prepare them for recitals. Throughout the year, we also feature introductory group lessons. But most students prefer the focused concentration of an individual one-on-one lesson. To master the advanced techniques of music, a student requires individual attention.  We offer online piano, voice, and guitar lessons.

Dedicated Teaching Environment

All we do is teach online music lessons for kids with support. Our studio is a dedicated learning environment, and we focus upon providing the same focus online. We avoid the distractions that unavoidably occur in students’ homes. Five Hands Studio has separate studio rooms and a lobby with wi-fi. Of course, now with the advent of COVID-19, we provide quality of focus online by ensuring that both teachers and families have eliminated all distractions.  Though we’ve previously served music students from Sauganash and Evanston to Wilmette, we now offer lessons to virtually anywhere online.

Extra Help for Students and Parents

We provide supplementary materials and theory software for students, which they can use from the convenience of their home computers. This can be part of their daily routine. Our school also takes special care to show them how to practice. We educate parents to be good observers, so they can report productive feedback to teachers. These extra measures are our way of providing extra help to students when they need it. Learning music should be enjoyably challenging, but it should never be unnecessarily frustrating!  Our students and families get extra coaching when the going gets rough. We look forward to helping students at those key learning opportunities! 

Structured Music Lessons

Different students require various approaches and proceed at their own pace. Some have more of an opinion about what genres to play. But most improve the best with a structured and comprehensive curriculum. All students need to know the “basics” in order to enjoy playing, but we are also attentive to their musical tastes. This was easy to do here in Skokie, but now we like to take extra time to get to know our students online before they proceed with their lessons – whether it be for piano, guitar, or voice.

The Finest Music Teachers

Our music teachers have university training in the instruments that they teach. All of them are personable and have degrees in music.  Many are active performers in the Chicagoland area, performing in venues such as Millennium Park, the Park West, and Vic theaters.  They have collaborated with organizations such as the CSO, Chicago Civic Orchestra, as well as Dark Star Orchestra!

Music Lessons for All Ages

Five Hands Studio receives beginners to very advanced students. We tailor lessons to your goals. Our studio is conveniently located in downtown Skokie.

30, 45, or 60 Minute Lessons

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