Online Music Lessons Are Here!

Online Music Lessons Are Here!

At our music school, we’ve been helping students love music for almost three decades. We like to establish good communication with families and a personal approach with our students. Now we are providing the same quality online that we’ve been giving to our community for over 27 years.

How to get started with online lessons

It’s quite easy. No software to download or learn.  

Just call us at 847-673-2847, or email us at 

We will find a lesson time that suits your schedule and a teacher that meets your needs. Until our A.I. scheduler is in place, we will contact you to finish your registration. Once you are enrolled, you will receive a link to click on for your lesson.  Just click on that at your lesson time and you’ll be online with your teacher. That’s it!


What Do I Need?

  • An electronic device (smart phone, tablet, computer) with mic and camera – placed to see you and your instrument well
  • Materials – music books, etc.
  • An uninterrupted environment in your home (free of TV, pets, phones, distractions)
  • WiFi is much preferred

What support do I have?

  • Extra help when lessons seem too difficult – included in our program
  • Consultation with parents to help them observe and give feedback to teachers re: student practice habits
  • Online theory and music supplemental resources
  • Upcoming theory video series here at

Get started with online music lessons now!

Contact us and we will make it so!  Call 847-673-2847 or email